Day 1: Connection

When your heart connects to your calling, there can be no denying it. Even as our driver maneuvered the hairpin turns in the mountains between Port-au-Prince and Jacmel, I felt absolute peace today. I haven't felt that deep relaxation in so long. As I watched the sunset over the mountains, I felt my head sink into my seat and the tension lift from my chest. And as I drifted off to sleep, I thought about my friend Richard seeing a place he has supported from a distance, for the first time. His first tangible connection to Haiti.

I thought of the security guard who has helped me through customs for the past few years, thus helping hundreds of people get medication, and finding out his wife had passed away only two months before of breast cancer. He showed me pictures of his daughter and wife. He was connecting in a way he hadn't before.

I thought of my friends coming together again - Brenda, Randy, Kettlie, Gabby, and Son-Son. As we laughed and teased each other, I marveled at the deep connections we already made and looked forward to more adventures this week.

Tomorrow starts the first day in clinic and I want to thank all of you for connecting the community of Marigot, Haiti with medical providers, medication, hope and healing.