Day 5: Meeting the Mayor

The last day of clinic ended as it began, with organized chaos and good spirits. We saw a wide variety of cases from mumps to typhoid to unusual murmurs. After all the patients were seen, we took stock of the pharmacy (which Richard organized beautifully), stacked patient charts, and took out the trash. We zipped up our medication suitcases, now empty, which came to Haiti weighing over 200#. We also started the process of letting go of patients and friends that we've waited all year to spend time with. We gave hugs and took pictures to remember the connections we made and moments we shared. We ended up seeing 320 patients during the week, 26% of which presented with hypertension.

When we returned to our host's home we rested, ate dinner, and eagerly awaited a visitor...the Mayor of Marigot. He and his deputy director came to discuss how to partner with CFOD on some projects. Richard bestowed the Frederick flag to the Mayor who reported visiting Maryland previously. It was a great discussion occurring in both English and Kreyol. We talked about some of the barriers we face in providing care in the town, such as, transporting medication into the country and having enough space to bring more providers. He told us about an underutilized clinic in another part of Marigot that we could visit and see if it is a good fit for our organizations. It's very intriguing because I am often asked about volunteer opportunities but am limited by clinic space. We will hopefully see the clinic tomorrow.

It's been a long day but I just want to share some pictures of our amazing team in action.